What is a Legacy?

It’s the success we create. The difference we make. The impact we have that lasts long after we’re gone. At Legacy Risk & Insurance, our success has been forged by always being there for our clients. And never losing sight of true and timeless values. Honesty. Integrity. Respect. In the process, we’ve found that we become much more to our clients than the people who write policies. We become partners — trusted advisors who provide solutions as unique as the individuals they protect. But what’s most impressive is that as our partnerships grow, our service deepens. We act with a confidence borne of knowledge. Anticipate with a vision sharpened by experience. And in the end, work as one to build something true and lasting for our clients. Their legacy.

Our History
1929 Paul Higgins founds independent insurance brokerage business, Paul Higgins Insurance Agency.
1959 Paul’s son, Frank Higgins, joins his father in leading the family business.
1971 Frank purchases his father’s interest and starts California Insurance Center (CIC).
1991 Cory Higgins follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, becoming a managing partner.
1997 Dan McCormick joins CIC, focusing on the brokerage side of the business.
1999 Dan is named partner in charge of managing sales, carrier relationships and business operations
circles_1929 Cory rises to become the CEO of CIC, with Dan named President. Together, they grow the business into one of the largest and most reputable brokers in California.
2008 Cory and Dan merge CIC with a national, publicly traded brokerage company.
2012 Deciding to return to their independent roots, Cory and Dan purchase their commercial clients and co-found Legacy as an independent insurance brokerage, with a commitment to outstanding client service.
Legacy Risk & Insurance continues its ongoing success through superior solutions and industry-leading service.